Cassidy Shkimba @thepowderrooom

Cassidy Shkimba @thepowderrooom


Raised in Kingston Ontario, Cassidy Shkimba has always had a passion for makeup. Her mother’s concealer stick became a staple at a young age, and she hasn’t looked back since. Moving to London, Ontario to pursue a degree in Health Science, pushed her into a more creative direction and ultimately Makeup Artistry.

Cassidy has worked for MAC Cosmetics, social media tycoon Diply, and featured on Buzzfeed and CBC Radio London. She has done makeup for the Canadian Country Music Awards, and works locally as a Senior Training Artist at Esteem Artistry. 

At 29 years old, residing downtown London with her partner and German Shepherd, Cassidy has established herself in the Southwestern Ontario wedding industry. By maintaining the vision of her clients whilst incorporating her bold style, she remains a sought after artist in the community by empowering women to look and feel their best. 


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